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Morenas Mini Mony Day

Luxury Wedding for $100?


Curated and Designed by Luxury Event Designer, Britney Hoskins

If it wasn't enough that you could get married for a fraction of the cost, our Award-Winning Event Designer will be custom-curating a design for the ceremony! That's right! A luxury high-end ceremony for $100


What Does the Mini Mony Registration Cover?


1. Does the 15 guest count include bride and groom?

No, You may have 15 people

2. Can we have a Bridal Party?

 Because of timing sake we won't have time to accommodate large bridal parties, we will allow for a Maid of honor, Best man, Father of the bride and flower girl.  You can do a traditional march down the aisle. The timing is 30 minutes no matter the party size. 

3. Can I supply my own photographer

No. guests may take photos or you may book photos from our photographer. 

4. Can I play music

Yes we have bluetooth speakers and we will play a processional and recessional song at your request. 

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