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Curated and Designed by Luxury Event Designer, Britney Hoskins

If it wasn't enough that this Valentine's Day you could get married for a fraction of the cost. Our Award-Winning Event Designer will be custom-curating a design for the ceremony! That's right A luxury high-end ceremony for $50

What Does the Mini Mony Registration Cover?

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1. Does the 15 guest count include bride and groom?

No, You may have 15 people

2. Can we have a Bridal Party?

 Because of timing sake we won't have time to accommodate large bridal parties, we will allow for a Maid of honor, Best man, Father of the bride and flower girl.  You can do a traditional march down the aisle. The timing is 30 minutes no matter the party size. 

3. Details about the evening party

The evening event details will be released at the end of January when registration begins to close. It will be our goal to tailor the event to our couples that are getting married based on the guest count. Just know it will be a great event well worth the $50 and more! Bare in mind this is an optional celebration and is NOT required for participation in Mini-Mony Day

4. Can I supply my own photographer

No. guests may take photos or you may book photos from our photographer. 

5. Can I play music

Yes we have bluetooth speakers and we will play a processional and recessional song at your request. 

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couples will be invited to join us for an evening celebration of love

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